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Braces for Adults

Studies have shown that 1 out of every five orthodontic patients is 21 years old or older. This means that adults, as well as teens, are seeking orthodontics.


Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

Some of these adult patients may have teeth that are too crowded or too far apart. Others might have misaligned teeth. Problems such as these can lead to further problems, such as pain or pressure in the jaw, gum disease, and cavities. However, some people simply want to boost their self-esteem. Straightening teeth can address all of these problems.

 If your teeth are aligned properly, it is easier to brush and floss them. However, if they are misaligned, it is harder to brush them, and dental problems can arise in neglected areas. If you don’t get orthodontic treatment when you need it, these health problems can cost you more money later on. Orthodontics also boosts your confidence by allowing you to smile without shame.


Treatment Options

Getting braces doesn’t sit well with many adults, but people steer away from orthodontics altogether because they mistakenly believe that braces are the only treatment option available. However, the reality is that many orthodontic options are available, many of which are discreet and crafted for comfort. One of the more popular alternatives to traditional metal braces is hidden braces.


Hidden Braces

Also called nano braces, incognito braces, or lingual braces, hidden braces are cemented permanently on the back of your teeth. This makes them invisible to other people as they do their work of straightening your teeth. Hidden braces contain wires made of nickel-titanium that we robotically configure, so they fit the mouths of each patient. Once the braces are installed, the patient’s body heat will activate them so they can move the teeth into the correct positions.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Hidden Braces

Compared to other orthodontic treatment methods, hidden braces have certain advantages and disadvantages. First of all, hidden braces are hidden, so most of the time other people won’t even notice they’re there unless they know in advance. Hidden braces are also known for their comfort levels, as they are specially designed for each patient.

 Hidden braces continually and secretly shape our patient’s teeth without any need for removal, maintenance, or storage. You will need to remove some other tooth-straightening devices, such as Invisalign, to eat, floss and brush. However, hidden braces are permanently attached to your teeth, so there is no need to remove them. This procedure also has a reduced amount of treatment time.

 However, there are disadvantages to hidden braces. First of all, they are more expensive. They are also designed to correct more minor orthodontic problems, as they cannot fix complications like severe malocclusions.

 Also, children are not able to receive hidden braces treatment. Hidden braces are an excellent choice for adults who don’t need significant dental work done. Hidden braces can also cause mouth irritations, but over-the-counter products can fix this.