Color Options for Your Braces

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For most kids the fun part about braces is getting to pick which colors you want to wear! They can change them to different ones at each visit. We have options to blend in if that’s what they prefer. Most of our patients like to pick colors according to their interest such as: sports, big events (prom), school colors, or simply their favorite color! The color rubber band’s hold the wire in the slot of each bracket so that we can guarantee that each tooth is tracking along with the rest of their teeth. If you ever see one of the colors missing it means either the bracket broke or the tie came off, usually with something sticky, and that tooth can fall behind. When this happens call our office and let us know as soon as you can because it can extend your original treatment time. That applies to broken brackets as well!

 If you are looking for ideas on what colors you want to do each month you come in we have some great ideas for you!!

January: Celebrate Winter with navy or dark purple!

February: Celebrate Valentine’s Day with pink and red!

March: Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day with green!

April:  Celebrate Easter with Pastels! I suggest yellow and light blue!

May: Recognize Memorial Day with wearing red!

June: Summer Time! Fun and bright colors such as teal and screaming pink!

July: Celebrate Independence Day with wearing red with and blue!

August: Celebrate Colorado Day with dark blue and yellow!

September: Celebrate Football season and wear your favorite team’s colors!

October: Celebrate Halloween with your costume colors or go for orange and black!

November: Celebrate Thanksgiving with orange and red!

December: Celebrate Christmas with green and red or Hanukkah with blue and white!