Smiling Springs @ the American Association of Orthodontics

We all had a great time in Los Angeles learning more Orthodontics to bring back and share with all our wonderful patients and the Colorado Springs community. I learned about some new innovative bracket systems that were introduced this year (More ways to move teeth!) Ashley and Nina learned about new ways to be in better contact with our patients and share what we are up to on a daily basis.

A few interesting things I learned about were some more clear aligner systems. Invisalign is a huge leader but there are many others and many doing things unique and better. Clear aligners are a great way to treat teeth and how they fit together. There were about 8 new aligner companies at the meeting, some big some small. A few of the most interesting things are where they are manufactured and the process. Invisalign does all of its manufacturing in Central America. For the last few months all of the clear aligner cases we have started at Smiling Springs Orthodontics have been modeled with 3M. They are 100% manufactured in the United States, currently in Minneapolis and moving to California. They are a large company with a long history in orthodontics, all of the brackets we use are also made in the United States which is great for so many reasons.

All of our brackets are also made in the United States with 3M. I like them for many reasons although at the meeting one smaller company located in Indiana now has similar brackets. I like the brackets I use because they have a much lower rate of bracket failure (so they stick to your tooth better!). There are some great advantages to so many things which we learned about at the American Association of Orthodontics Annual meeting.

Made in the USA
All Brackets, Wires, Clear Aligners, glues, retainers.

I will post more soon!
Dr. Horne