Food Limitations

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Let’s talk about food with your new braces! Orthodontist place limitations on food so that they can have treatment go as smoothly as possible. Crunchy and sticky foods can wreak havoc on your new hardware. Anytime you have broken brackets or broken wires it can set your treatment back. To avoid anything from breaking we ask patients to limit their consumption of really hard candy such as jolly ranchers or lollipops as well as sticky foods such as caramel and laffy taffy. The most important thing is to be mindful when chewing your food. When eating apples instead of having them on the core, cut it up and use your back teeth to chew your food. Doing this really reduces the impact on your braces! If you try to eat anything hard or sticky straight on, you will feel it just rubbing on your bracket, which can lead to it breaking. Keep your chicken off the bone and cut your food up and you will be golden. When it comes to popcorn, as long as you are not eating the kernels you can have it. Pieces will get stuck in your braces so really make sure you are taking the time to brush all around your brackets and flossing to make sure to get everything from under your gums. Cleaner teeth move quicker so your timeline given at the initial consultation could be a little shorter! Maintaining a healthy, nutritious diet is super important for your oral health and overall health. The healthier your body is, the better the results of your orthodontic treatment because a proper diet provides essential nutrients to bones and tissues undergoing significant change during braces treatment. Many patients when they come in with a broken bracket we will ask what happened and they will say “I was drinking water!” or “I was eating pasta!”. We all know those things are not what are breaking the brackets; it is usually something you ate prior! Just because it did not come off as you were eating it does not mean it is not breaking the glue down! Make sure to listen to the orthodontic assistant and the Orthodontist with their instructions of taking care of your braces, especially if you want it to go quickly and painless as possible! In a nutshell as long as you are eating mindfully and cutting your food up and chewing with your back teeth, your treatment should go pretty smoothly. In the instance that something does happen to your braces please call the office and let them know so they can either schedule you in to get it fixed right away or if it is something that can fixed at your next appointment they can plan and prepare for it! If they are prepared to fix any issues it will only make your time in the chair shorter!


If you have any questions or concerns with your braces please give our office a call at 719-487-9303, we will be happy to assist you!