Welcome to Colorado Springs

Welcome to the beautiful city of Colorado Springs. For all that are new to Colorado, and for those of you that have been here for years, you are probably familiar with the fact that we have hundreds of amazing things to see and do here, whether that is with your family or on your own.  We love Colorado Springs just as much as we love Orthodontics so we want to tell you about one of the hidden gems Colorado Springs has to offer.

I recently had the opportunity to go on a backpacking trip for my birthday. I was able to go right here in Colorado Springs. Can you believe it?! You can go backpacking without having to drive hours away to get to the starting point of your back packing trip. If you have heard of Gold Camp it is a pretty popular spot to visit for a nice afternoon hike or, if you are feeling extra adventurous, go on an overnight backpacking extravaganza. Gold Camp Road follows the former railroad from Colorado Springs to Cripple Creek called the Short Line;. In the 1920s the railroad was converted to a car toll road, eventually becoming a public road. In 1988 tunnel number three collapsed and was never repaired. The road is now closed, starting after the second tunnel, to vehicular traffic and is popular with bikers and hikers.

The Trail is about eight miles long going one way. Most people will hike to the third tunnel and then turn back around. Since this is also a great place for bikers there is a trail that goes up and over the third tunnel which allows you to bypass the 3 rd tunnel, as it is closed off, and allows you to access the rest of the trail. There is a fourth and fifth tunnel on gold camp road. It is a hike to get to those tunnels however, because it is uphill the whole way! Gold camp road connects to Old Stage road. If you hike about 3 more miles in, on Old Stage Road it takes you to Rosemont Reservoir, and Rosemont has really great fishing too! As for the backpacking, my husband and I started at the trail head leading to the third tunnel and hiked all the way to Rosemont and camped overnight on the beach at the reservoir. There is no better way to end a long hike than sitting on a beach! Although the hike was really hard, especially with 30lb packs, it made for a great first time backpacking trip. It was great because it would be very hard to get lost on this trail and because Gold camp connects to Old stage road where there is car access to be picked up on Old stage road, if you needed it.

Gold Camp road is an amazing place to experience the beautiful weather Colorado has to offer, it also gives you exclusive access to some of the most incredible views of the city. This is just one of the many fun things to do in the Springs. If you find that you were compelled to try out this hike, or do an overnight back packing trip, please bring in a picture to the office. We would love to post it on our face book page and share your experience.

Happy Hiking!!