Orthodontic Financing

We’ve partnered with OrthoFi! We started with them October of 2017 and now that we’ve really gotten the feel of things we are happy with what they have to offer not only to our practice, but to our patients. I love watching our patients leave the consultation with smiles on their faces because of how easy the process was.

We start out by getting you in the office for a consultation which consists of an appointment with Dr. Horne. Once we get a feel for what your main concerns about your smile are, we will do an oral evaluation where Dr. Horne gets a good look at the overall issue. From there we will have a better idea of how long your estimated treatment time will be and what appliances best fit your needs.

Behind the scenes, OrthoFi is verifying your orthodontic benefits and getting everything prepared for the doctor to review before your appointment, that’s why filling out your paperwork ahead of time is so important for this process. It helps with maximizing your time with the doctor. Of this 45 minute appointment, Dr. Horne spends about 90% of that time with you, the other 10% of your time is spent with me, going over treatment investment.

My personal favorite part of this process is discussing the payment slider. The “payment slider” is an awesome tool provided to us by OrthoFi so that our patients may customize their very own payment plan. OrthoFi runs a medical credit check that does NOT hit your credit, which helps determine the smallest down payment that can be left. On the other end of that, you have the option of payment in full, which offers a discount! Once you decide on the down payment that best fits your budget there is a second line that determines the monthly payment. Most cases have the option of making payments 9-12 months after the treatment is included. The whole set up for the payment slider is really user friendly and easy to read. On the right hand side of the page, the fees are listed for you and it shows line by line the total amount, the estimated insurance amount and discounts (if any).

OrthoFi also has a “follow-up” tool so that I don’t let any patients slip through the cracks. This will allow me to create a reminder to follow up with you after you’ve had a chance to discuss it with all parties involved in the decision. Generally about 48 hours after your visit with us.

The goal Smiling Springs and OrthoFi are trying to accomplish with this software is to make this process as easy as possible for all parties. We not only offer personalized care with your orthodontic treatment, but with your financing. The options and possibilities are at your fingertips.